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Generating attractive email content for end-users

Since email marketing is the most sought-after tool for B2B marketing, one needs to be really come up with very attractive content to catch the fancy of the discerning recipients. You cannot afford to lose your business with toothless and irrelevant information. Remember that the best kind of content has a well-defined goal, is relevant to the audience, is visually pleasing to the eye, and clearly disseminates the message to the reader.

You need to craft a personalized message with a unique relatable voice and narrate an interesting story to build a relationship with the potential customer. Below are some guidelines that can help you achieve this.

Write from the customer’s perspective

It might be your story, but your customer is who you pay attention to. Use pronouns like “you” to grab their attention and pull them into the narrative. Go beyond the set of basic functions and features, talk about the benefits that the customer gets if they choose you. Always remember the golden rule: it isn’t what you are offering, it is all about the benefits the reader receives via your communication.

Personal over metrics

The tone of your email cannot be impersonal and mechanical. It is considered rude when you send in generic messages to the customer. Try to understand your customer, and then send in an appropriate message that targets him specifically — to let a human relationship develop. This is a tried-and-tested technique to get more sales — statistics reveal that personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates!

Defining a clear goal

To maintain a clear narrative, you must know what you would want to achieve with the campaign. Is it higher traffic to your website? Or customer retention? Or a boost in sales? Learn to fix the goal, and then measure the success against that specific goal. Conduct AB testing and improve the performance. Optimize the actions for a more fruitful result — and just see how you outperform other brands!

Relevance is the key

Irrelevant content can mar your campaign. Learn to segment your customers and then send in relevant messages to only relevant people. This helps with better performance and also helps with the metrics — with irrelevant leads curtailed, your chance of reaching the appropriate audience increases!

Design is dominance

Remember to always focus on visually clean templates. Never write long paragraphs — instead, break the content into bullets, use strong visual imagery, gifs, or other content that makes your email look interesting. Keep the most important parts of it right on the top, so your reader can just skim through the important details. Also, never miss the essence of blank spaces — cramped-up designs can make your reader lose interest.

Give your readers the necessary direction

An email can be great, but if you forget to include the ‘Call to Action’, it becomes purposeless and directionless. You must write it out clearly for your reader — what is he supposed to do after he reads your email. The CTA button must be easy to locate, as well as easy and visually attractive to act upon.

The subject line is the clincher

Of course, no email marketing content is complete without a smart and witty subject line. This serves as a first — and sometimes last — impression. The best subject lines are short, descriptive, and provide a clear message to the recipients. Adopting a personal route to the subject line can help to engage the audience. Inclusion of the recipient’s first name, or other personal information like recent purchases, can really grab the attention of the reader. Given that most smartphones only display five or six words of the subject line — and because 41% of emails campaigns are viewed on mobile phones — brevity is critical to obtain the best results.

Maintain the other usual guidelines

Apart from these, you must adhere to the other regular guidelines such as not using too many ‘caps lock’ phrases, asking your readers for feedback, adding personal details to facilitate the reader to connect with you, and using incentives as well as some freebies to appeal to the audience.

By generating smart and meaningful content, you’ll definitely be on the way to a successful email marketing campaign and fruitful brand engagement!

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